Exchange 2007 <-> 2010 OWA not working together redirecting problem

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The Situtation:

I have one AD with two Sites (connected with 34 Mbits) an a coexistence of Exchange 2010 and 2007

Site A.

1 Exchange 2007 Hub Transport witth CAS an Mailserver is connected to the Internet

1 Mailboxcluster

Site B

2 Exchange 2010 with HT, CAS and Mailbox (DAG) (not connected to the Internet)

The Problem:

OWA 2007 (SSL Disabled) is working fine through external IP and internal adress.But I can't conect to Mailboxes on EX2010 in SITE B. HTTP Error 500 or OWA not available , no access through the Internet with CAS of this version possible (translated)

OWAS2010 is working fine internal (not configured external) but I cant access the EX2007 Mailboxes in Site A.

If I do the cmdlet get-virtualdirectory everything seems to be fine.I can open the EX2007 owa on the IE of the EX2010 and vice versa. A Clean Install of EX2007 and EX 2010 (but in the same Site) in ESX worked without this problem.

I need the OWA access primary for mobile phones (only uses the IP withSSL disabled) of the employees so it is neccesary that OWA works for the EX2010 to.

How could I solve the problem. I cant move all the mailboxes from 2007 to 2010 without solving this problem..

Sembee [MVP]

You have to allow both Exchange 2007 and 2010 to be exposed to the Internet.
Then the most effective method is to have users login to Exchange 2010 CAS. They will then be redirected to the legacy URL for Exchange 2007.

This blog posting explains how the redirection works for various scenarios.


Simon Butler, Exchange MVP
Blog | Exchange Resources
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