Transition or Migration from SBS2003 to W2K8R2 + Exchange 2010

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Currently I am running on a SBS2003 setup. The hardware used needs urgently to be upgraded so the new server is there. My idee is to leave the SBS setup and go for a pure W2K8R2 64-bit setup with AD and Exchange 2010 included.

What will be the best way to transfer the 7 mailboxes I have from one system to the other? Because the SBS is the PDC of the AD and SBS does not allow a second AD in the forest I setup a seperate network with a new domain to host the new mailserver.

I was thinking of creating a backup .pst file of each mailbox and try to import that again once the transition to the new domain is a fact but I do not know if this is going to work.

Is there anybody out there who had experience in this same scenario? In 2011 I have to convert one of my customers also from a SBS2003 to a SBS2008 environment. Can I use the same scenario, if given, or do I need another one to complete this?

Thanks for the anwers already.

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Jonas Andersson [MCITP]


Yes, that's possible to export the mail contents

Exmerge them, use Outlook 2007 if you have larger mailboxes than 2GB and don't forget the public folders if there are any critical data in it

The problem that might appear is that when the mail contents is imported into the new mailboxes the end-users tries to reply to a mail and they will receive a bounce

This can be solved by a workaround if it's a big issue

I would suggest you to export and import the maildata, then you will have a nice and clean setup in the end

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