When a database move from active host in a DAG, user are prompted for credentials

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We have 2 mailbox server exchange 2010 SP1 with databases in DAG. Windows 2008 R2

We have 2 CAS/HUB server exchange 2010 SP1 in CAS Array. Windows 2008 R2

When we move an active database from a server to another (in the DAG), user are prompted for credentials.

is this normal behavior?


Does the outlook client in the internal network?

Please provide the outlook client version

This symptom would appear as outlook is trying to falling back to outlook anywhere

Please disable HTTP fallback by applying the GPO:

Dword - EnableRPCTunnelingUI

Disable but show all config UI


Configure Outlook Anywhere in Outlook 2007



Hi, the client are internal.

i will do some test to see if this solve the issue


We have the same issue with my Windows 7 clients using Outlook 2010 on the internal network with the default cashed mode. We have the identical setup except no CAS array (yet).

thanks for your help, Dave



so far the test are inconcluant. On some it seems to have fixed, on others not. But since the issue was not systematic, it's hard to tell for sure.
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