OWA redirection in exchange 2010 and 2003

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Ashneel Bhan


i have setup exchange 2010 to coexist with 2003. it works perfectly well, however, facing one issue regarding clients in 2003 redirect.

i have a publishing rule in ISA 2003 that pushes the reqests of https://mail.mydomain.com to my new exchange server i.e exchange2010.

however, when the clients who has mailboxes in 2003 logon, they will be redirceted, naturally, to my old exchange.

how do i achieve this? i have managed to get this working within my network, only external clients is a problem.

this is what happens: when i set the echange2003 URL to my internal namespace, i cannot access it over the internet, cannot display this page (this is because the legacyURL is pointing to my internal server name)

the scenario works well within my site, for people using owa, but for external clients, they are unable to resolve the dns name. do i have to place the old exchange front end server in DMZ?

Busbar [MVP]

This is done by publishing the Exchange 2003 server from the ISA box as well and setup the legacy URL to be a public nameRegards, Mahmoud Magdy Watch Arabic Level 300 Videos about Exchange 2010 here: http://vimeo.com/user3271816 Read pretty advanced Exchange stuff I post here: http://www.enowconsulting.com/ese/blog.asp, follow my blog: http://autodiscover.wordpress.com , corp blog: http://ingazat.wordpress.com, Follow me on twitter http://www.twitter.com/_busbar and if you Liked my post please mark it as helpful and accept it as an answer
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