cannot connect outlook 2007 clients to exchange 2010

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I have an Exchange server 2010 with the hub transport, CAS and mailbox running on it. It is running on Server 2008R2 server, and our AD is also running on server 2008R2. I have created some users, and can connect to those mailboxes via OWA, but I cannot connect via my outlook clients. If I use Auto discover, it will correctly discover the exchange server, however it fails to find the mailbox. I try to manually configure the server, I keep getting prompted to enter credentials, and I know that I am entering in the correct credentials, however it keeps popping up for credentials. If I cancel, it tells me that Outlook cannot logon. Verify you are connected to the network and are using the proper server and mailbox name. I can resolve the exchange server via dns, and am joined to the domain. Authenticating successfully on to Windows. Please advise.


Try doing this and see if it is working

Get-MailboxDatabase -Server maila | Set-MailboxDatabase -RpcClientAccessServer

Sembee [MVP]

Have you configured a CAS array and DNS host? If not then the command given already will be useless to you. Furthermore it shouldn't be necessary, although I do recommend configuring a CAS array to begin with.

Is Outlook 2007 fully patched? Latest service pack? You shouldn't get any authentication credentials, so that would tend to indicate something is wrong. When you look at autodiscover, are all of the URLs correct, and do they resolve to the Exchange server, or to an external host? It is possible that the authentication prompt is not coming from the server you think at all.


Simon Butler, Exchange MVP
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Hi annmn,
Sembee gave some good suggestion, any update for your issue?
I want to verify some information:
1. Which version for the outlook, I would make some tests with different versions, and update them.
2. Did you run the EXBPA on the exchange server, I would suggest that you could do it, and confirm whether there are some information
3. Any event log on the server, analyze the it.

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