Post Patch Issues (2008 R2 w/ Exchange 2010)

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We are using Exchange 2010 on an R2 server and just attempted to run the MS Security patches on the MS Exchange server. All other 2008 R2 servers had all patches work with the exception of this 2008 R2 server. After trying to install the Rollup 5 update for exchange 2010 as well as several others the system rebooted and hung on a black screen 'Preparing to configure windows, do not turn off your computer' after waiting at that screen for well over an hour the system finally booted into a login screen where I saw the status of the updates. Notably the Exchange Server 2010 Rollup 5 patch Failed and now all related exchange services will not restart.
any ideas as to correcting this issue?

Additional information: This is a virtual server using HyperV


Running Hyper-V ... I guess it's too much to hope for that a snapshot was taken?

That's a pretty ugly one ... service sounds like its hanging on start. The delayed boot may have been the result of a rollback of the failed update so another boot may bring you back ... but I have a feeling you need to get MS on the horn.

Neil Hobson

When you say the Exchange services will not restart, do you mean they produce an error when starting or are they all set to disabled? If the latter, you might want to try reinstalling the update rollup.Neil Hobson | Principal Consultant | Silversands | | |


Hi Richard-c,
Any update for your issue?
I would reboot the server again, and confirm the services whether could be started. And confirm the newwork interface configured well.
If you have some more information, please post here, we could do more research regarding to your issue.


Hi Richard,

Did you get anywhere. I am having the same problem on a new installation of Windows Svr 2008 R2 and Exchange 2010.


Please follow below and then make a test:
• Stopped and disabled all non-microsoft services through msconfig.
• Rebooted the server.
• Rerun /prepareAD and /preparealldomains.
• Checked for updates and first only installed al security updates for windows.
• Then run the update for RU5 from windows updates

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