Update Rollup 2 for SP1 - how is everyone doing?

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I see that Update Rollup 2 for Exchange 2010 SP1 is available now, ive downloaded it but wanted to check who has installed it? Any issues? all go ok?

Also how did you do it? MB servers first then Hub/CAS?


Robert Greenlee

I applied it in the lab as well and it resolved the main issue I was having. Hoping to get enough good feedback from others to deploy it in production next Tuesday night during a scheduled maintenance window.

Brian Day MCITP

I've heard back from one customer that is now having success with PST imports in their lab where before they were having lots of trouble with the same PSTs previously. They did have to incrase the -BadItemLimit for a few older PSTs to get them to complete, but some corrupt items is almost always to be expected just like in normal mailbox moves.

Upgrad order should be CAS--> HUB--> Mailbox

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Installed it in the test environment, and then in production (one CAS and one HUB/MBX in each), and so far no issues. Install went ok - one thing I was worried is it was stuck on " Starting Services" part at the end of the upgrade... Services were enabled at the end as they should (update disables them at the beginning of upgrade process), but wouldn't start for some reason. I waited about 10 minutes, and then simply started services manually... after a couple of more minutes it said " Completed Successfully" . It happened only on production HUB/MBX server. I upgraded test environment using Windows Update, and that went ok all the way to the end on both servers.
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