Is there a Step-by-Step how-to Disable and Attach a Mailbox to a Different User for Exhange 2010?

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Mr Mister

Hi All,

I'm fairly " green" on Exchange 2010. I've gone through the forums here and seen a few posts related to my question.

What I understand so far is:

" Disable" to detach the mailbox-from User1

Run cmdlet " Clean-MailboxDatabase" " Databasename." There is a nightly Online Maintenance window if you can wait. The disabled mailbox now shows up in the " Disconnected Mailbox" section of EMC.

Connect the mailbox to the User2 and wait for AD Sync to take place or run " repadmin /syncall" on a DC.

Login as User2 to make sure permissions are okay.

I tried the above and noticed that the " legacyExchangeDN" for User2 still listed " User1." Should that be manually changed via ADSIEdit?

Thank you very much for your time,

Mr Mister

Mr Mister

Hi AndyD,

The reason behind the desire to connect a disconnected mailbox to another account stems from a user rename on User1. A third party application complicates the rename, so I thought I'd go ahead and create " User2" and attach User1's mailbox to " User2" and disable/delete User1.

AndyD_ [MVP]

Ok, so by leaving the legacyExchangeDn intact, that will ensure that anyone who has user1 cached in Outlook or any other app that referenced that attribute can continue to corectly deliver mail to User2 ( who now has users1 mailbox). If you mail-enable User1 again, they will get a new legacyexchangedn value.

Otherwise, the legacyexchangedn is just cosmetic and not something the average user cares about.
That being said, I typically would not recommend messing with it.

Steve Goodman

Just to add, you can add the old legacyExchangeDn as an X500 address to the new account to mitigate any nickname cache issues, and at the same time avoid messing with the new legacyExchangeDn.


Steve Goodman
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