Error message of "Cannot open your default email-folders Errors have been detected in the File U:\Ou

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Gordon B-P

Version of Outlook, version of Windows, what type of email account, and what is " U" drive might have been a good idea to post....If you find my response helpful, please click on the " Vote as Helpful" button!Thank you!


Somasundaram Pandiaraj

Re: Error message of "Cannot open your default email-folders Errors have been detected in the File U:\Outlook Files\Email removed for privacy" I need to open Outlook to point to a differenent file. how do I do that?

Refer the steps below to point Outlook to open a different PST file without opening the application.

1. Click on Start > Control Panel > Mail

2. On the Mail Setup tab, click on "Show Profiles > Properties > Data files"

3. Click "Add", select the Outlook Personal Folders File (.pst), and then click OK.

4. Find the new location for your .pst file, and then click OK two times.

5. Click Set as Default.

6. Click OK.
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