New-MailboxImportRequest fails....

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Remco Tiel


I've just updated my Exchange server with Exchange 2010 SP1 upd 2 and therefor the bug explained in this article is fixed I tried to import a pst file directly into a archive which fails. Perhaps it does not issue this bug but I found out why my import failed. I could narrow it down to one e-mail which included a executable as attachment and I think it fails on that. After removing the e-mail from the pst file the import to the archive succeeded.

I don't know if this is a bug or one is not allowed to import an e-mail with executable but just wanted to inform you all...


Michel de Rooij

By default the BadItemLimit parameter is 0; this means if the move fails for a single item - due to corruption or, as I expect in this case, because of anti-virus kicking in - the whole transaction fails.

Can you check the logs of the target server to verify this?
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Remco Tiel

I didn't change the BadItemLimit so this was default 0, I executed the script on the exchange server and there's no anti-virus software installed. This is handled by third party software before it reaches the exchange server.


Brian Day MCITP

Chck for an event 1100 in the app log saying the import went over the BadItemLimit #. You can rerun it and increase the limit, the item could have been legitimately corrupt in some way.Microsoft Premier Field Engineer, Exchange
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Remco Tiel

I've found the error and will rerun it with a increased value for BadItemLimit....
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