Outlook 2007 won't connect to 2nd Mailbox Server in a DAG

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I have two exchange 2010 servers( mail1 & mail2). Both have CAS, HUB, and Mailbox roles installed on them. The two mailboxes
servers are part of a DAG. My problem is, if I failover to my second mailbox server, Outlook 2007 cannot connect. Even though i
manual change the Microsoft Exchange Server to Mail2 in outlook ,but it will auto be changed back to Mail1(but this
server is down now).Now the end user only can use OWA to access the Mail.
Not sure what the problem is. The databasefor the second mailbox server is healthy and mounted. Any ideas on what could be causing

this? Thanks

Sembee [MVP]

You need to setup a CAS array and then set the CAS array on the databases.
After setting up the CAS array, DNS host name and setting the value on the mailbox database you will have to repair the Outlook profile so it is using the CAS array host name, rather than the actual name of the server.
Then if you do a failover of the database you will need to change the DNS entry to point to the other CAS. You can't use NLB as you have all roles on the same server.


Simon Butler, Exchange MVP
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hi Simon,

thanks! Your suggestion resolve my issue!

thank you very much!

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