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I've already posted a couple of times that i am using the MS Press trianing guide to study for exchange 2010, and found a couple of issues....can anyone help confirm if this is an issue or not?

To configure storage quota settings on a per-mailbox level from the EMC, use the


Set-mailbox rich_haddock -IssueWarningQuota 209715200 -ProhibitSendQuota 262144000

-ProhibitSendReceiveQuota 293601280 –RetainDeletedItemsFor 21.00:00:00

–UseDatabaseQuotaDefaults $false -UseDatabaseRetentionDefaults $false

But looking at all the screens in EMC is is by MB not KB - so should the above command not be MB too?


command. For example, to configure Rich Haddock"s mailbox so that it had

a warning quota of 200 MB, a prohibit send quota of 250 MB, and a prohibit send and


quota of 280 MB, issue the following command:
Denis Cooper MCITP EA - MCT

David Strome

The book is correct, although it's not using the most efficient way of setting values using the shell. The quota parameters default to KB on the set-mailbox command. The EMC accepts values as MB.

You can override the default behavior of the shell by specifying the units when you run the command. So if you want to set a quota to 200MB, you can run:
set-mailbox administrator -IssueWarningQuota 200MB

which is the same as running the following (because the parameter defaults to KB when you don't specify units):

set-mailbox administrator -IssueWarningQuota 209715200

Or you can use GB:

set-mailbox administrator -IssueWarningQuota 2GB

When you enter a value, you can qualify the value with any of the following units:
* B (bytes)
* KB (kilobytes)
* MB (megabytes)
* GB (gigabytes)
* TB (terabytes)

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