Message Tracking from Exchange 2010 webservice Using Dotnet 2005

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[I have added the web service, via Add WebRefferrence in dotnet]
FindMessageTrackingReport(findMessageTrackReportType) method in my sample. I have added the webservice using Add Web Reference option in VB 2005 Express Edition.I have Checked the Message log enable option In Exchange server 2010 server configuration using Exchange Management Console.

I didn't get any result, when I send the request then the server responses also succesful and with out any error.

My code is,

Dim Bind As New ExchangeServiceBinding()
=New RequestServerVersion()
Bind.RequestServerVersionValue.Version = ExchangeVersionType.Exchange2010
Bind.Proxy =New WebProxy()

Bind.Credentials =
New NetworkCredential(" Username" , " Password" , " DomainName" )
Bind.Url =" https://DomainName/EWS/Exchange.asmx"

'Here Server Machine name=system56, Domain name=ExServer

findMSGTrackReportType =
New FindMessageTrackingReportRequestType()

findMSGTrackReportType.Scope = MessageTrackingScopeType.Organization

findMSGTrackReportType.Domain =" DomainName"
'Example: ExServer.local

' filter()
Dim FindMSGResponseType As FindMessageTrackingReportResponseMessageType = Bind.FindMessageTrackingReport(findMSGTrackReportType)

When I execute my code I got the result always nothing
The FindMSGResponseType values like,
DescriptiveLinkKey 0
descriptiveLinkKeyField 0
descriptiveLinkKeyFieldSpecified False
DescriptiveLinkKeySpecified False
Diagnostics Nothing
diagnosticsField Nothing
MessageText Nothing
messageTextField Nothing
MessageTrackingSearchResults Nothing
messageTrackingSearchResultsField Nothing
MessageXml Nothing
messageXmlField Nothing
ResponseClass Success {0}
responseClassField Success {0}
ResponseCode NoError {0}
responseCodeField NoError {0}
responseCodeFieldSpecified True
ResponseCodeSpecified True

Manualy I check and the log files and Message informations are available in Exchange server 2010.

how can I get all the message details. that is all message tracking information.

I want to read all the datas, thats why I am not mention any filter options.

Please help me..
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