Contacts Notes field will not mail merge after migration to Exchange 2010

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I have a very bizarre problem with our new MS Exchange 2010 server. We migrated from Exchange 2007 and have almost no problems except for a very small issue which we can't seem to resolve. Our company uses a variety of MS Word documents, either doc or docx, and mail merge from MS Outlook using the Tools > Mail Merge drop down in Outlook. The mail merge works fine and pulls over all information from the contact except the Notes field. We have confirmed that the same user and mailbox works on our Exchange 2007 server and the problem doesn't seem to be dependent on the version of MS Outlook or Word we are using. The only thing that we can figure out thats different is we changed from Exchange 2007 (where it worked with Outlook 2003 and 2007) to Exchange 2010 (where it doesn't work with either Outlook 2003 or 2007). We tried deleting the field in the word form and recreating it with no luck. We did notice that the Notes field doesn't seem to show up any longer in the chooser when adding a mail merge field in our Word doc. So my question is obviously, has anyone run into this and have a fix or did MS change the name of the Notes field and we are using the wrong one.

Any help would be really appeciated.


Novak Wu


Based on my research, I found that the “Mail Merge” function is only based on Office and it does not contact with Exchange server. Since we

Since we only discuss the Exchange issue on the pure Exchange product environment in this forum, I suggest you create a new thread in the Office forum. Thank you for your understanding.

For your reference, I have enclosed the link below:



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