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Hi Guys,

When connected externally using Outlook Anywhere I am unable to use the scheduling assisstant. When I first open the scheduling assistant the bars are grey and if I hover over them they say " Updating schedule information. Retrieving free/busy information from the server." After a few seconds this changes to " no information available."

The scheduling assistant fucntionality works perfectly when connected to the internal network. There is a domain-wide GPO which sets Outlook to use HTTP on slow networks and TCP/IP on fast networks.

Any ideas what could be causing this?


Sembee [MVP]

Can't connect to the availability service most likely.

Does autodiscover work outside the network? That uses the same system. If autodiscover doesn't work, then availability usually doesn't work either.

Primary reason is lack of DNS address, or the lack of in the SAN/UC certificate.


Simon Butler, Exchange MVP
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Sorry for the long delay. I used one of my free support calls to MS and they were able to help me in resolving this issue. Just to recap, everything was working for me in Outlook Anywhere externally with the exception of the Out of office assistant and the scheduling assistant. If anyone else is having the same problem they should check several things:
Use the Microsoft Exchange testing website to verify Outlook Anywhere is set up correctly. ( Use the same site to verify your Autodiscover setttings. Connect to Outlook Anywhere externally and hold the control key down and right click the Outlook Icon in the system tray. Go to 'Test E-mail autoConfiguration' If you are using an ISA server verify that the rules are set up correctly. This was the key to fixing my problem. These two links are a good reference:

This has resolved our Out of Office/Scheduling Assistant issue. Best of luck in solving yours!
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