Suddenly, new users cannot connect Outlook 2007 to Exchange 2007

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hi everybody,

we have an exchange 2007 server (sp1) that has been in place for nearly 3 years. all of a sudden, newly created users cannot connect to their newly created mailboxes using outlook. like i say, this server has been sitting there for quite a while, no changes in environment and nothing (obviously) different with our networking environment. ~300 users.

things a new user CAN do:

1. CAN use OWA to access mailbox

2. I can add that new user's mailbox to MY Outlook client and expnd his inbox.

This now happens with each new user. Existing ones, so far, have been unaffected.

any help? or even a small nudge in a direction?

sincere thanks to anyone that can help shed light.

Johan Veldhuis [MVP]


How are the clients configured manually or via autodiscover. If the last one is the case try to test the auto e-mail configuration feature by pressing the CTRL key and right clicking on the Outlook icon. Besides this are users receiving a warning?





Hi Johan, Thanks for the reply.

Yes, they're all set to auto discover. I found that the "Connection Status" on those clients list the mail server as type as "directory," not "mail" as they do on working clients. And there are no references to GC servers as there are on correctly behaving clients.

Yes, users receive the standard error that "Outlook cannot log on. Verify that you are connected..."



Obviously there has been no reply to this, but if anybody has some insight to this, I would appreciate as well as we are experiencing the same issues.



Johan Veldhuis [MVP]

Hi Russ,

Wel I've got some more info for you. I had this issue with one of my customers last week and investigated this issue. It appeared that the accounts where messed up. For some users this issue was resolved by disconnecting the mailbox and reconnecting it again. For other users the issue could only be resolved by creating a new account for them and then reconnect the old mailbox.

At this moment we are still trying to figure out what is really causing the issue because I know the above methods cannot be used always.



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