Very weird problem with Outlook sending to wrong Email

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Hi, yesterday a colleague sent me an email through Outlook 2003 which I never received. I asked him to try again an hour later and I received it. Searching through the message tracking center on the Exchange 2003 - I can find both mails but there is one big difference between them. The first one I never received has this in the TO field:

And the other one in which I received just has Why did the first email receive all that clutter in the first place when he typed simply only my email in the first place?

Check this image to see:

Will appreciate any sort of help as losing a few emails here and there is not good at all.

Evan Liu


From your message tracking result, we know that the first email did not categorize successfully, and “/O=REACHHOSTING-MAIL/OU=FIRST ADMINISTRATIVE GROUP/CN=RECIPIENTS/CN=” is legacyDN, Exchange use legacyDN for every “Exchange activated”(mail-enabled users, public folders, and Exchange System configuration objects)object. For this issue, I want to clarify the following information before we go further:

1. Does the two emails are the same(just the content, email address and attachment)?

2. As you got the NDR, please paste the NDR error in your next post.

3. Check server"s event log, to see whether there is any error occurred at that time.

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Please help me to collect the information at your convenience, with this information, we can help you more efficiently.


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