user cannot send emails on exchange 2003 - Settings?

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I have one user that can send e-mails but cannot recive them. He is set up the same way my other user are yet i cannot get it to work. Any help would be great. thanks.


Sounds like his mailbox has reached its "receiving limits" but not the "sending limits".

Check the global limits on the "mailbox store" of his mailbox on the Exchange server. (in the Exchange System Manager)

Check properties on the mailbox store. In the folder "Mailboxes" you can sort on size and see the users current mailbox size.

You can also check in ActiveDirectory account if it is configured diffrent from the global configs. Se user account/Exchange General/Storage Limits

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For this issue, I want to clarify what is your problem, cannot send emails or cannot receive emails?

If you cannot send emails, please follow these steps to troubleshoot the problem:

1. If you get NDR, please paste the error (in your NDR) here.

2. If you do not get NDR, you can also use this tool to do an “Outbound SMTP E-Mail” test , if there is any error please paste in your next post.

Exchange Remote connectivity Analyzer

If you cannot receive emails, I want to clarify the following information before we go further:

1. What"s protocol he used for send emails?

2. If he used Outlook , please use OWA to have a try.

Please help me to collect the information at your convenience, with this information, we can help you more efficiently.


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