Security Certificate error in Outllook 2010.

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I am running Exchange 2007 on a SBS 2008 server and I am using a self-signed SSL certificate for Outlook Anywhere.

I recently set up a user with Office 2010 and his Outlook 2010 keeps showing a certificate error every time the program is launched.

I have modified the internal URI to point to the certificate's common name and still get the same error.

Any thoughts?...

Evan Liu


For this issue, please follow these steps to clarify the problem:

Use this tool to do a test for “Outlook Anywhere”, and paste the error in your next post:

Exchange Remote connectivity Analyzer

please describe the error more detail in your next post.(If the error has detail description, please paste the error description in your next post)

Here is a related post for Outlook 2010 and Exchange 2007 Self-Signed Certificate, hope it helps:

Exchange 2007 Self-Signed Certificates and Outlook 2010

please help me to collect the information at your convenience, with the information, we can help you more efficiently.


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