Resource Scheduling - Adding a resource to an existing meeting without bothering attendees

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We have Exchange 2007 SP1 and have set up a number of Resource mailboxes for conference room, checkout laptops, checkout projectors, etc.

Let's say the meeting organizer initially set up a meeting with some attendees. Later she wants to add a projector to the meeting without sending an updated invitation to the attendees who have already accepted. Is there a way to do this without bothering the attendees? The attendees don't need to know that a projector has been added to the meeting. When the meeting organizer makes other changes to the meeting, Outlook usually pops up a message asking if she wants to send the update to the existing attendees. There isn't a choice when you add or remove a resource mailbox. I've tried to just remove the attendees names from the To field in the " Send Update" email but doing that actually removes them from the meeting.

Any ideas how I can get around this? Thanks.

Michael Vi

There is a easy where in doing this. You will just have to book the equipment/meeting room on its own. I know this is a pain in the butt but this is the only way I can think of it.


Hi dichikawa,
Per my known, there is no way to achieve your target.
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