E-mail Merge with Word/Outlook 2010 Exceptionally Slow

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Ian Climacus

Dear all,

After posting this in the Office Mail Merging thread it was suggested I re-post it here.

We have recently upgraded to Office 2010 from Office 2003. The Exchange Server we are using on the network is 2003. The operating system is XP.

Since moving to Office 2010, E-mail Mail Merges have been exceptionally slow. Whereas when we had Office 2003 the e-mails were generated in the Outlook Outbox and then sent, with the E-mail Mail Merge in Word 2010 5 or 6 merges are done and sent to the Outbox, then Word pauses for anywhere from 20 to 40 seconds before sending the next 5 or 6 to the Outbox. Thus sending a large number of e-mails [e.g. 1,000-2,000] can take 4 or 5 times as long as it did under Office 2003. The emails are being sent with the document as part of the message body, not as an attachment.

I have tried a number of options such as turning off the " Preview Results" in Word 2010 which appeared to do nothing as the merges were still shown, trying it on a different PC, and having Outlook 2010 open sometimes and sometimes closed. The slowness still occurs.

Any suggestions gratefully appreciated. Thanking you,

Gen Lin

Hi Ian,

Try to disable the message encryption on outlook 2010 and see if the issue persists:

a. Click File->Account settings.

b. Highlight the outlook account, click Change.

c. Click More button. In Security tab, uncheck the “Encrypt data between exchange and Outlook" option。

d. Restart Outlook.


Ian Climacus

Hi Gin,

Unfortunately that has not solved the problem. Thank you for the suggestion though; do you have any other ideas?

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