keeping meeting invites in Outlook inbox

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I'm using outlook 2007 on the desktop but our servers have just been upgraded from whatever (2003 I guess) to exchange 2010. Since the move, I noticed a change.

When I send a meeting invite out that includes me as an invitee (either as part of a distribution list or me by myself), the invite automatically gets placed into the Deleted Items folder.

I understand that in Outlook Tools->Options->Email Options->Advanced Options there is this "delete meeting request from inbox when responding" setting. But I have always had this setting unchecked - both before & after the move to exchange sever 2010.

Oddly, meeting invites to me created by others do stay in my inbox after I accept them.

Is there anything I can do to keep the meeting invites I create in my inbox?

AndyD_ [MVP]

Why would you want to keep the meeting invite in your inbox when you send out the invitation?

Anyway, this may be the calendar attendant at work in Exchange 2010- cleaning up redundant requests. If you look in EMC under the properties of your mailbox, you'll see the calendar settings tab and what is enabled by default.

I dont think its odd that meeting requests sent by others stay in your inbox. After all, you unchecked that option in Outlook. :)
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