Attempting to Move PST Files to New Installation of Outlook 2010

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HI, I had to do a clean install of my OS and apps since I upgraded to SSDs. Everything has installed and run fine but I'm stuck on how to migrate my original PST files into my fresh Outlook 2010 install.

I'm running win7Prox64 and Office 2010 Pro. Below is a list of what I did and what problems I'm having.

After a clean install of Office, I set up my email accounts.I then imported my original PSTs into the corresponding newly created PSTs. I have a hotmail account use Outlook Connector, a IMAP acct for my company email and an IMAP acct for gmail.I imported my outlook.pst for calendar and contacts.It's at this point that I find that the outlook.pst is in D:\User\herbt\Documents\Outlook Files and the other PSTs are in C:\User\herbt\AppData\Local\Microsoft\OutlookI checked and it appears that all the PSTs by default should be int he ~\Documents\Outlook Files directory and it would make backup easier.As part of my system setup I did change the Location of all my profile directories off the boot array (RAID0) and to my data array (RAID10).Googling about, it seemed to be the consensus that I should shutdown Outlook, move the PSTs off the boot array to the data array and when Outlook was restarted it should complain about the missing data files and allow me to repoint to them. This didn't happen, instead Outlook created new data files in C:\User\herbt\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook appeneding (2) to the file name, ie.

I've diddled around with this and I'm at the point of moving to Thunderbird in frustration. Any help to get this sorted and directions for a clean datastore movement path would be very very appreciated. When I was attempting a few things, I saw that there is an option when creating an email account to point it to an existing PST, but this is only available for POP3 accounts??? If I selected IMAP, the option would disappear form the GUI.



Russ Valentine

The location of the data file is not important. The problem you have is because you used importing. You never use import to transfer Outlook data. Nor do you ever move a PST file while it is connected to an Outlook profile. Proper methods for data migration are posted here every day. Take a look at these pages for info on Outlook data backup or transfer:

Moving Outlook to a New Computer

Note that some of the information on the Microsoft page is outdated and contains errors, particularly when applied to Outlook 2003, 2007 or 2010. Specifically:

1. Ignore any advice to copy your PST file to Outlook's default location to connect it to your profile. Doing so will often corrupt your Outlook profile. Copy it anywhere BUT the default location and then open it within your Outlook profile.

2. Ignore any advice that tells you to use export or import to transfer an entire Outlook data file. That has never been sound advice, but the process has become too deeply flawed to be trusted.

Also, when you use manual configuration for your mail accounts in Outlook 2010 (always preferable) it has a nice new option that lets you connect to a pre-existing data file when creating a new profile instead of having to jump through all the hoops of creating a new file, connecting to the pre-existing file, then disconnecting the new file.

Russ Valentine


Hi Russ,

Thanks for the info, wish I'd thought to check here before my midadventure but regrettably nothing turned up while googling for answers.

You mention that when creating an email account manually I can select a pre-existing profile. When I attempted to do that it only offers that as an option for POP3 accounts and none of mine are POP3. Would you confirm that that is an option for IMAP accounts? When I select IMAP from the dropdown the option to select a pre-existing PST disappears from the GUI.

I followed the suggestions as outlined in your second two links, which do mention copying the PST files. The first link looks to have a procedure that will work as this is almost what I've ended up doing. I deleted the original profile, created a new profile and email accounts and I did open Outlook after that as I was going to import again. I suppose I'll restart this again and follow his procedure for linking the mail account to the old PSTs.

I was able to force Outlook to locate the PSTs in the Documents\Outlook Files directory by following this post; and setting a registry value.

Please do let me know what you find out about the POP3/IMAP piece so I'll know if I have a bigger issue with the Outlook install itself.



Russ Valentine

Copying PST files is fine. Importing them is not. I did not say you could select a pre-existing profile. I said you could select a pre-existing data file. I have no idea whether that applies to IMAP accounts. Outlook has never been been optimized for IMAP accounts and I would never trust it to behave predictably with them.Russ Valentine


Hi Herb,

Import and Export option provided in Outlook not good enough, it migrates only your pst file from one version of Outlook to another version but that does not include Signatures, Templates, Stationery etc. only the email messages are imported / exported.

It is recommended that you always configure the Outlook manually so that you need not connect / disconnect to pre-existing data file when creating a new file, instead you can create a new profile. Use effectiveoutlook migration software that gives you hassle-free results by handing all the migrated pst files and importing them into the newly installed Outlook.
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