Outlook 2010 - Attachment missing - OWA 2010 Attachment available

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Hi guys,

i'm experiencing a strange behaviour. I got an e-mail with an attachment (the sender attached a pdf), but it is not displayed in Outlook 2010. When i open my mailbox in OWA 2010 i also don't see the attachment, but when i double click on the message an open it in a new window the attachment is displayed and can be viewed.

I guess it has to do with the mail encoding. In the message header there is also displayed " Content-Type: application/ms-tnef; name=" winmail.dat" "
as content type. I heard that this can cause the problem.

Is there a way to recover the attachment within outlook 2010?




Hello Anil,

thanks for your answer.

This is happening to more users. I forwarded the mail to another user who has a mailbox in another exchange organization where also exchange 2010 is running. When i open the mail there with outlook 2010 I'm also experiencing this behaviour. When i open this mail in owa 2010 i can see the attachment (only after opening the message in a new window). This is happening only with this message. Other mails with attachments are working fine.

I also disabled the AV software for a short period of time, with no luck.

Anil K Singh

OK, So the problem is for only kind of message, Can you share if this is different type of mesage (I mean received message from any other external client and forwarding it to others. Also what about if you send same PDF attachment with new email ?

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