MS Office/Outlook 2010, when using a secondary inbox along with your default/primary inbox in 'Cashed Exchange mode'

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The secondary inbox does not display all Folders contents and new/unread e-mails.

It does display a majority of the content.

When right clicking in the folder and choosing properties the folder page displays server and local content and it displays the diffrents between amount of local contents e-mails and server content.

And when checking the "Send/Receive all accounts" rules by Define Send/Receive groups and then clicking the button "Edit" does not display the secondary inbox as included in the "Send/Receive all accounts" and can not either be added.

Does anybody know exact how the offline content/Cashed data for the secondary inbox is managed by default by Office 2010?

(Note, When disabling or enabling Cashed Exchange Mode for the secondary inbox properties it automatically includes the primary account aswell, witch I dont want to change..)
Thanks in advance for description on Outlook behavior for the above issue!

And any tips as well to solve the problem.

Applies only for Windows 7 Enterprise, eng version that we are using. (no problem in XP and older versions of MS Office)

With best regards

With best regards Gorgis


I haved solved the problem temporary or acctually permanently as well by adding a secondary account as "primary".

In MS Office 2010 you can have up to 3 simultanius Exchange accounts in the same Outlook profile. (not the same as open additional inbox in the primary account settings)

Read more about it here:
This seemes to work out, even if the original problem remains using this method we manage to "get around" the problem.

Replies to the original problem are still of intreset to me thou.

With best regards


With best regards Gorgis


thank you for your tip. Note this is not only one person who have the problem. All of the users connecting to the second inbox in a Windows 7 Enterprise environment and MS Office 2010 have same problem.

That should exclude the any Outlook profile problems.

With best regards

Görgis Acar

With best regards Gorgis
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