Odd OWA Issue; Messages Sending as HTML Code

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Paul Newell

Hi all,

A few of my users (not all of them, with no discernable pattern other than being on a 2003 back-end server) are reporting that when they compose a new message in OWA (my older 2003 FE server; 2010 CAS seems uneffected) that the recipient receives a message that is only HTML code. It only seems to be recipients external to my domain, however.
The way they show up is odd too; it's HTML, but there's a "Space" between each letter. Here's a sample of what they look like (hopefully it will show up):
< h t m l > < h e a d > < m e t a h t t p - e q u i v = " C o n t e n t - T y p e " c o n t e n t = " t e x t / h t m l ; c h a r s e t = u t f - 1 6 " > < / h e a d > < b o d y > & # 1 8 4 9 2 ; TML dir=ltr>& # 1 8 4 9 2 ; EAD>& # 1 5 3 7 0 ; META content="text/html; charset=unicode" http-equiv=Content-Type>& # 1 5 3 7 0 ; META name=GENERATOR content="MSHTML 8.00.7600.16671"& # 1 5 4 2 2 ; /HEAD>& # 1 5 3 7 0 ; BODY> & # 1 7 4 6 8 ; IV& # 1 5 4 2 2 ; FONT color=#000000 size=2 face=Arial>Kyle's E-mail Test& # 1 5 3 9 2 ; /FONT>& # 1 2 0 9 2 ; DIV>& # 1 2 0 9 2 ; BODY& # 1 5 4 2 2 ; /HTML> < i > P u r s u a n t t o T r e a s u r y R e g u l a t i o n s c o n c e r n i n g C i r c u l a r 2 3 0 , p l e a s e b e a d v i s e d t h a t a n y t a x a d v i c e c o n t a i n e d i n t h i s c o m m u n i c a t i o n w a s n o t i n t e n d e d o r w r i t t e n t o b e u s e d , a n d c a n n o t b e u s e d , b y t h e r e c i p i e n t f o r t h e p u r p o s e o f a v o i d i n g p e n a l t i e s t h a t m a y b e i m p o s e d u n d e r t h e I n t e r n a l R e v e n u e C o d e . < / i > < / b o d y > < / h t m l >

Any thoughts here? As you can see, it displays all of the HTML formatting. The "Body" of the message is the spot that says "Kyle's E-mail Test" and at the very end is a Circular 230 discloser (as the core of our business is financial services).
I'm going to try and reboot both the 2003 Back-End and Front-End servers later, as it only seems to effect users with 2003 mailboxes, but I'm not even sure that would take care of the issue.

Thanks in advance!

Paul Newell

I think I have it figured out - the issue was due to potentially feuding disclaimers.

I thought that the Hub would only apply disclaimer Transport Rules for messages coming from mailboxes on a 2010 database. Is that not the case? Will messages being sent from 2003 users be appended the same way? It makes sense that they would...
We have a program (Exclaimer Mail Utilities) to append that disclaimer to messages on our 2003 Back-end server. In preparation for switching everything over, I created the new disclaimer on the 2010 server a couple weeks ago, but didn't set it as my primary SMTP server until this week, which must have been when the issues started.

So other than verification of what all will have the Transport Rule applied, I'd also like to know if anyone has a list of HTML tags that will work with Exchange 2010. The disclaimer I wrote started with a simple "" and ended with "" (replacing the square-brackets with angle-brackets, of course), but I'm wondering if that wasn't enough to properly format it, or if it needs the "Microsoft Version" of HTML.

In any event, my 2003 users are all able to create/send messages in OWA properly now.

Thanks again!

Evan Liu

Hi Paul,

Exchange 2010 disclaimer text can include HTML tags. This allows you to create messages with the rich styling functionality available in HTML. Additionally, HTML tags can include inline Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Messages sent in the HTML format can display the rich disclaimer messages.(Note: You can also configure a transport rule with text-only disclaimers by not using any HTML tags.)

You can find an example (of disclaimer text used to create a HTML disclaimer with an IMG tag and embedded CSS) from this link:

Understanding Disclaimers


You can know more about the HTML tags that will work with Exchange 2010 from this link:

Using Disclaimer in Exchange Server 2010(Please Note: Since the web site is not hosted by Microsoft, the link may change without notice. Microsoft does not guarantee the accuracy of this information.)


Here is a related article for you:

Configure a Disclaimer


If anything is unclear, please feel free to let me know and I will be glad to help.

Best Regards,


Paul Newell

Hi Evan,

Thanks for the reply.
I already found the two Technet articles you posted, but I noticed the tag "div style="font-size:9pt; font-family: 'Calibri',sans-serif;" and I was a little concerned that it might be looking for the MSO HTML that we needed to conform to when creating HTML front-ends in older versions of Office.
The msexchange.org article looks nice too; thank you.

In any event, I tested the disclaimer on my account (2010 mailbox) and a colleague's account (2003 mailbox), and it seems to work fine, so I guess the issue was some conflict between the two disclaimers being applied.
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