Getting the list of users connected through IMAP from Exchange 2007 server

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Need to know whether we have any tool or exchange shell command to check the users who are establishing connection through IMAP from exchange 2007 CAS server. In exchange 2003 we have the current connection in ESM. How to get the users list in 2007?. Netstat will give the ipaddress, but i need the users who are connected to the server just like we have in Exchange 2003.


try, Get-LogonStatistics -Server Myserver |ft username, clientname, clientversion > imap.txt, also protocol logging might help


Hi Serena,

I am not looking for the command which will give current MAPI connection established.get-logonstatistics will give you only the current MAPI connection & i am specifically looking for IMAP users connected to the exchange server.

netstat -ano | Select-String serverip:993.

This command will give only the client ip address connected to the server.

I am looking for UserID's(users) connected through IMAP from exchange CAS server.

Let me know if we have any solution for this.

Thanks Once again,

Vinod Babu


Hi VinodBabu,

Here is what gives usernames

download the latest Microsoft Exchange User Monitor ExMon and install it. Works on both Server 2003 and Server 2008 (its portable once you install it)

Start it and let the scan run for at least a minute, stop Tracing and go to the By Clientmon Tab for the IMAP users (if they are active) you will see Microsoft.Exchange.Imap4.exe listed in the Client Processes

Or you can just see the Client Version with the user name in By User Tab

let me know if this works for you.

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