Exchange Server 2007 strips messages when clients select add item in a new Message

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Exchange Server 2007 strips messages of their attachements, when clients selects " add item" in a new Message. Mail client is MS Office 2003 and 2007.

Sembee [MVP]

I doubt if it is Exchange doing that. I would suspect third party software AV either on the client or the server - most likely the client.


Simon Butler, Exchange MVP
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Hi Hekillephippe,

Do you mean when you create a new mail in Outlook 2007, attach a file, thus the file will be listed in the " Attached:" , but if you click the " Attach Item" , the attachment will be deleted automatically?

Will all attachments be deleted no matter what message types?

If you open Outlook with " Work Offline" or disable network connection, the same issue?

Frank Wang


If i add users onto the exchange administrators group they can " attach item" when sending a message.

Can i send you a picture maybe i am not clear in my explanation.



I will upload the picture just not sure which picture you need?

the one from a client or the receiving client?



Hi Phillip,

Maybe I am clear about your question. Do you mean if user clicks " Attach Item" in a new message, but the attachment will be stripped in the receiving client?

But the member of " exchange administrators group" has no issue. Which " Exchange administrators group" ? " Exchange Recipient Administrator" ?

How about the user send a mail to himself?

Did you check the message in the Sender's " Sent Items" folder? The attchment is in the message?

You can also enable the Pipeline Tracing to check which agent hits the mails.

How to Enable Pipeline Tracing

Frank Wang



frank to answer your question.. Yes the client receving does not get the attachment. However the sent items shows it was attached from the sender...

Exchange Administrator has no problems. fortunately my users are not clued up with rights etc ....But for audit purposes i need to fix this.

I will try the pipeline tracing and check back in....

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