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Oulook 2003 client A share his calendar with Outlook 2003 client B, Client B create an appointment on client A using the share calendar from outlook 2003, Client A open Outlook Web Access (OWA) and see the created appointment, client B make a change on the previously created appointment (appointment time and the Description / Title), Client A do a send/Received from his OWA and see the Description/Title changes but the time is still set to the original time the appointment was created. If client A open his outlook 2003 client, the appointment is correct (Time, description/title), opening OWA of client A from different IE do not make any change, the appointment time is not correct. Did removed outlook client, del registry, re-install outlook 2003 client with sp3, windows updates without any success.

I also create new outlook profile with no cache, same problem. I try outlook /CleanFreeBusy, outlook /CleanProfile, same calendar problem

the environnement is: Outlook 2003 sp3, exchange server 2003 sp2, windows xp sp3

Thanks for help or idees

Serena Li


Have you tried to recreate an appointment on client A? And check whether the issue will reproduce.

Have you checked whether the time zone of OWA is the same as the local host?

For how to check the time zone if OWA, please refer to the following link,


I look forward to hearing from your update.

Best regards,




Hello Serena,

Thanks for your reply,

I did check the Time zone setting on both computer and OWA client and all of them are set correctly (all the same Time zone).

Alos I make the test you asked for (cas reate an appointment on clent A from outlook 2003 client) and the problem is not reproduced, the problem only appears when the changes are done from the shared calendar.

Any other ideas will be apreciated.



Serena Li

Hi Marcel,

Sorry for my description and delay.

In my original post, I actually want you to make user B recreate an appointment on user A"s shared calendar, and then make a change on the appointment created by user B, and logon to the OWA of user A, check whether the time will update.

And if the issue persists, please refer to the following blog article by SGriffin.


Hope its help.

Best regards,




Thank you Serena for the reply,

I did the create appointment on user A's shared calendar from user B outlook client and then make a changes on the appointment but the date did not get update on OWA, I also follow the steps from Stephen Griffin blogs but it not seems to work either.

going crazy with this problem, we are going to exchange/outlook 2010 middle of 2011, hope this problem is fixed on that version.

anyway if you still have good ideas, please let me know!


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