Mapi session exceeded the maximum of 32 objects of type "session".

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A. Al-Haffar

Dear All

today i started to recieve the above event log on our Exchange 2007 CCR SP1 Rollup 8.

i temp. resolve this error by terminating some user sessions on store.exe by issuing

Get-LogonStatistics USERNAME | Sort-Object clientipaddress | Format-Table username,clientipaddress,logontime , and then colse the connection by using tcpview from SYSInternal, put the ptoblem comes back for different users, could you please explain to me why i am getting this error and how to resolve permanently.

thank you

AndyD_ [MVP]

This can be caused by a number of reasons:

Desktop Search Engines ( Google Search, Windows Search, Outlook Add-ins like xobni,etc..)

It could also be Outlook 2007/2010 clients that have " Download Shared Folders" option enabled for cache mode. If so, uncheck and test.

You can use exmon to determine which mapi client is hitting the server the most

You should also run ExBpa against the server. If ths is Windows 2003, ensure you arent running into any scalable network issues. ExBpa should catch those:

You can increase the session level, but I recommend you try to track down the source instead:

A. Al-Haffar

Thank you for the reply,

for the Putlook Add-ons we only install EV Outlook Add-ons form Symantec EV for Mail Archiving, regarding the network Scalable we are using Windows 2008 SP2 Enterprise Edition,

Tomorrow i will run the EXPBA and EXMON and provide you the details.

me too i dont recommend to modify the maximum number of sessions allowed.

i will update you, 1 Q, i read in other articles i can reduce the TimeToLive to 5 minutes do you recommend this, if yes how i can do it ?

thank you

AndyD_ [MVP]

I would focus on the finding the culprits rather than trying to " fix" any TTLs. The EV Add-in might be a good place to start. Also check to see if any Outlook 2007/2010 clients have download shared folders checked.

A. Al-Haffar

i got something strange when running EXBPA,

it says This server has 1 GB or more of physical memory and HeapDeCommitFreeBlockThreshold has not been set to 262144 , please go to , we recently failed over to the passive(previously) node and after that i start recieving this error , do you think i have to modify the registrey key please advice me, and regarding the shared folder options the users who complain have Outlook 2003 , Outlook 2007 users didnt complain.

waiting for the reply

thank you

A. Al-Haffar

i modified the registery key, re-run EXPBA and got no errors

do i have to restart the exchange server ??


Hi A.AL-Haffar,
You do not need restart the exchange server.
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