Blank page opening document through Direct Access in OWA from Exchange 2007 SP3

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Direct Access works when using " Open as Web Page" or " Send by E-Mail" , but the default open action that should open documents in the asscoiated program (e.g. Word) only results in a new web browser window opened to https://<server>/owa/ev.owa?<document path/name>. This browser window is completely blank, with the status showing " Done" .

This appears to be the same problem as reported at which mentions an interim hotfix KB2290105 to resolve the issue.

I have called MS CSS today, and the rep told me that there was no such KB.

Has anyone found a fix for this problem?

Gen Lin

Please send an email to me at I will send the hotfix to you.



Thanks for the download link.

I have installed the hotfix and documents are now opening as expected. Problem solved.
Not open for further replies.
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