Receive E-mail copy on multiple E-mail accounts

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Honey Leon

Dear Members,

I am using Exchange server 2007 and Windows Server 2008, how it is possible to configure setting such that if some user inside or ouside the domain send an e-mail to specific E-mail account in our company domain then its copy will automatically receive on desired Multiple E-mail Addresses.

Also please let me know the detail procedure to update the Global Address List in Exchange Server 2007

I really appreciate your quick response


Umair Shahid

Michael Vi

First of all, what you should do is to create a Distribution Group called CatchAll and have the desired mailboxes in that DG. Then create a server side rule that specific all emails sent to and from to send a copy to CatchAll DG or cc/bcc to that DG.

GAL should update every 15 mins or so. You can go into EMC -> Org Config -> Hub Transport -> e-mail address policies and just right click on the policy and select apply. Just follow the wizard.
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