Outlook 2010 trying to create calendar/task entries generates error "Could not save item.The connect

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Office Version:Office 2010Operating System:Windows 7

Using Office 2010 on Windows 7 syncing with Exchange email account. When I am trying to work offline I get the above error whenever I try to create anything except a new email. mail seems to work normally and other items also work normally if I am online. Problem only seems to be during offline use.

I have tried safe mode but still get the error. have tried creating a new profile but still get the same problem.

Could this be an issue with my exchange account which is somehow mucking up my offline folders??

At a complete loss with this one so any help would be much appreciated.

I have also occasionally seen an Outlook error along the lines of " your network adapter does not have a default gateway assigned" but am unable to reproduced this in any meaningful way.

Many Thanks

Gen Lin


Please check if your outlook is runnning on cache mode:

1. Click File-Account settings.

2. Highlight your account and click " Choose" .

3. Make sure that " User Cached Exchange Mode" is selected.

4. Restart Outlook.



Cached exchange mode was already marked so that was not the issue.

I have done all the usual of creating a new profile, reinstalling Outlook etc but nothing seemed to work. I also tried going back to Outlook 2007 and reinstalling Windows but same problem.

However, I am not sure if it is connected but I was useing the option in MS Live Sync to synchronise Office settings which I turned off recently and now no longer have the issue. Unfortunately I cannot remember when in the process I did this so cannot be sure it was responsible - anyone else found this?
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