Continuous password and username prompt in outlook 2007

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Here is my Scenerio: Windows Server 2008, Exchange 2007 hosted on the same server. Simple set up, router and server both hooked up direct to the switch and the gateway on client machines is pointed to the router.

My problem is everytime user opens up outlook or want to configure first time user to use outlook, it ask for username and password. I use the same login credentials and tick the save password option to complete the request but the username/password button keeps poping up. when I cancelled the outlook seem to work ok. but the status on the bottom right says " need password" . It is just annoyin to the days when the username/password pop up box keeps poping up.


Appreciate if anyone can help me please.



Hi souljah_it,
Per your description, the issue maybe caused by many reasons.
I Want to verify more information about your scenario.
1. Which version of your exchange 2007, RTM, SP1,SP2, or SP3, I would suggest that you could update it for the latest version.
2. Did you run the EXBPA on the exchange server, any information, it is suggested that run it firstly.
3. Did you update your outlook 2007 for the latest version, it is also recommended.
4. Any event on the exchange server, post them here?
5. Do all the user have the same issue?
Some issue I have run into looked like yours, some resolution for you
1. Disabled the kernel mode authentication on the IIS 7 using the below command:%windir%\system32\inetsrv\appcmd set config -section:windowsAuthentication /useKernelMode:false
2. On EWS virtual directory disabled Basic & kept only integrated authentication enabled
3. Disabled outlook anywhere options for users, and make a test
And so on, issue would usually be resolved after the update.
Some related information for you:

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