Cannot Search Outlook Folders - Office 2010 Installed on Server 2008 R2

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Hi, folks.

The desktop that I was recently issued is actually Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition, standalone server, Role-File Server, Role-Hyper-V. Office 2010 is installed. When I'm in Outlook, I do not have a right-click or menu option to search my inbox or any sub-folders.

I looked in Server Manager - Features and Windows Search Services was not in the list. So, I went to Add Features and Search was not in the list.

If it helps, whenever I open up an Outlook message, in the bottom status area, there is a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark in it, followed by this text: " Windows Desktop Search is not available"

Additional info...

My Outlook is configured for Exchange. I am using Outlook on my computer and is configured using MAPI to communicate with our Exchange server. Right-click is enabled in my Outlook, but Search is not in the right-click menu selections.

How can I search my Outlook folders?




what do you use to search for your outlook folders at the moment? Windows desktop search or the integrated outlook 2010 search?

I don't know exactly how you can solve your problem, because I am using an external search tool,Lookeen to search my outlook folders and not the integrated search! Do you want a search with which you can only search for your outlook folders or also your whole desktop?

Have you tried to build a new index?
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