Outlook prompts for Password to connect to old Exchange server 2010

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I have Exchange Server 1 and server 2

Server 1 host normal mailbox database

server 2 is the server DR and a copy is stored

By mistake mailboxes were moved to server 2 but was later moved to server 1 again.

We have some users reporting the outlook Prompts to put password at regurlar time intervals (the pop up prompt to connect to a server 2 where the user mailbox was previously located


· Outlook does not send receive email properly

· Outlook continuously ask to input password and connect

Actions taken till now :

· Redo Outlook email Profile

· Do manual configuration of Outlook

Also to confirm :there is no mailbox is present in the server 2


after doing these steps, next thing I'd do is that backup the emails of those user and re-create their mailboxes since you have moved them back and forth. This will be the simplest solution unless you don't have any special configuration on those mailboxes.
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