outlook unable to view public folders and autodiscovery not working

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I have had a 2010 setup running fine for at least a month now. i was ready to start moving people over from 2007 when i ran into this error.

in existing 2010 mailboxes using 2010 outlook i can't view public folders any more - it tells me the server is unavailable.

When i try and setup on a new PC with out 2007/2010 autodiscover finds the 2010 MB server but tell's me its offline - when i change to the CAS server it opens the mailbox fine.

Autodiscover seems to be working, i am not seeing any errors in the eventlog or on ExchBPA - at a complete loss....

Public folders work fine from OWA (2010)



Sembee [MVP]

With Exchange 2010, users not longer connect to the mailbox server, they connect to the CAS server. All connections are made to the CAS server. Are you trying to override what autodiscover is returning?

Do you have a public folder store on Exchange 2010? Have you replicated the public folder content to that store? It doesn't happen automatically. If you don't and you wish to migrate off Exchange 2007, then you will need to create one and replicate the data.
If you do, ensure that the correct public folder store is set on the properties of the mailbox database.

I would also suggest that you create a CAS array now before you move any more users on to the Exchange 2010 platform. It can make life easier later on. http://blog.sembee.co.uk/post/RPC-Client-Access-Array.aspx


Simon Butler, Exchange MVP
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