No SSL-IMAP connection Outlook <-> Exchange 2010 after latest client updates?

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There seem to be a problem caused by the latest Outlook or Windows updates when connecting to Exchange 2010 using IMAP.

Until yesterday, we were able to connect to our Exchange 2010 using SSL encrypted IMAP-connections (port 993).

Since this morning neither Outlook 2007 nor Outlook 2010 (all on Windows 7) is able to connect to a postbox via IMAP.

If I click " test account settings" (or whatever the translation of " Kontoeinstellunge testen" is), I get an error:

" Unable to login (IMAP): error during authentication. None of the authentication methods supported by this IMAP-Server is supported by this computer."

The server settings were not changed. On my laptop, which is running Windows 7 / Outlook 2010 and has not applied the latest updates, connecting is still possible without problems.

SMTP (TLS encrypted), Exchange-Protocol (RPC over HTTPS) and OWA works on all computers / for all postboxes.

Any ideas?

Gen Lin


1. On exchange server, on EMC->Server Configuration->Client Access, right click IMAP4 and choose properties. In Authentication tab, make sure that the Logon Method is configured to " secure logon" .

2. Restart Exchange IMAP service.



Thx for the hint. Sad but true this is not the solution for us.

The option you describe was selected since when the server was installed at the beginning of this year and was never changed after that.

As pointed out we did not change anything on the server, but did only install Outlook 2007 client updates.

The server was Exchange 2010 Rollup update 4. We installed Rollup update 5 two days ago but that did not help. Outlook 2007 clients still aren't able to connect via ssl secured IMAP.

Any other ideas?


I have to correct my first post: only Outlook 2007 has the described issues with SSL-secured IMAP-connections to our Exchange 2010 RU4 and RU5 (Outlook 2010 is working). Sorry!
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