Add Columns to Outlook 2010 Window Where You Pick Contacts

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Is there any way to add more columns to the Address Book window in Outlook 2010. The Global Address list shows many more columns by default , Business Phone, Department, Email address, Company, Alias. When I added a sharepoint list using the connect to outlook button in sharepoint the address list shows up in outlook under contacts correctly with all columns but when I use the address book button or the to when writing an email it only shows name, display name and email address. Is there anyway to show more columns like the global address list.

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Per my research, the view of the columns is hardcode in the outlook clients, which cannot be modified

You can try to create an add-in that can show the address book with desired columns. Please use the “Outlook for Developers” forum to consult for more information about it. Or, you can contact Microsoft Customer Support Service (CSS) for assistance [US, outside of US]

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