Post SP3 upgrade - outlook 2003/2010 clients cannot connect

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JohnL - Longwood Associates

SBS2008, Exchange 2007 from SP1 to now SP3 with Forefront security for Exchange

I upgraded to SP3 and followed instructions to disable forefront via FSCUtility /disable and turn off the identified services. The upgrade went to completion with all green check-marks. I turned forefront back on with /enable and restarted the services. I then re-booted. The server came up clean and the Exchange mgmt console shows no problems.

When I open outlook 2010, I get a Microsoft outlook/windows security panel asking for my logon. I provide but outlook stays disconnected. Another windows security panel popped up asking for credentials and this error message: Your system administrator does not allow the use of saved credentials to logon the remote computer because its identity is not fully verified. Please enter new credentials

It is asking for my client logon & password.

On a outlook 2003 client, it shows disconnected and the Outlook send/receive progress panel gives the following error: Reported error 0x8004011D. The server is not available.

My firms eMail is down now. What do I do to get the clients working again.


John Lenz

JohnL - Longwood Associates

AD became untable. I stopped services and rebooted. All clients now connect.John Lenz
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