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VR Eric

When trying to add a new email account to Outlook 2007 the Add New E-mail Account wizard does pull up the active user in the E-mail Address box, but when you click Next the wizards fails to see the Exchange server.

When I check the Manually Configure Server button the user name still appears and I manually add the server name in the Exchange box. Once I proceed this way the user's account creates without a hitch. Any ideas on what could cause this issue? It worked great for well over a year. Note: I have restarted the MS Exchange System Attendant, but nothing else. Thanks - Eric

Evan Liu

Hi Eric,

From your description, I understand that you want to add a new email account in Outlook 2007 (which have added a new account), but this account cannot be configured automatically. Please correct me if I misunderstand.

For this issue, I want to explain that on the Auto Account Setup page, Outlook may try to automatically fill in the Your Name and E-mail Address setting based on how you"re logged on to your computer. So you will see the Add New E-mail Account wizard does pull up the active user in the E-mail Address box, and when you try to use Auto Account setup settings , you will not see the Exchange Server.
When you add a new account which is not the account you logged on to the computer, you can configure it by this way:

Start->Control Panel->Mail->Show profile->Add->input the new profile name->ok->when Add New E-mail Account wizard does pull up->you can change the user e-mail account to the new email account ->input the Password->input Retype Password->next

Here is a related document for you, hope it helps:

Set Up E-Mail in Outlook 2007

If anything is unclear, please feel free to let me know.



Rajitha Chimmani

There are three steps in automatic configuration after identifying the email address.

1. Establish Network Connections

2. Retrieve the server settings of the mailbox.

3. Logon to the server.

At which step does the configuration fail. Have you tried to setup the profile by logging onto any other computer?

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