Outlook 2007 Clients Pointed to Wrong Domain Name for Autodiscover

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Hello all,

I am having a problem with multiple Outlook 2007 clients where they are being directed to the wrong domain for Autodiscover when launching Outlook 2007.

Users reside in Domain1

Exchange resides in domain2

When user is domain1 launches Outlook to configure a profile, they are directed to username@domain1, rather than username@domain2. If you manually correct the email address, Autodiscover goes through and works fine. Also please note that this functionality has been working without issue for about 3 years.

That said, if i take a fresh machine and join it to domain1, this problem does not occur. So, this leads me to believe something that has been added/removed/changed on the majority of our client machines is telling Outlook 2007 to look in the wrong domain name for Autodiscover. However, after searching for a couple days now, we are still unable to figure out where the Outlook 2007 client could possibly be pulling this information.

I've tried using ProcExp to watch what Outlook might be doing when Autodiscover is launched, but I haven't found anything useful.

Edit: I should also note that Autodiscover works fine for all of our external clients.


Nick Cozby


Can you tell more about yours AD topology and Autodiscover SCP configuration? Is this single forest or multiple forests AD topology? Do you have (had?) any GPO's for Outlook configuration?

Allen Song


From the issue description, this is not the Autodiscover issue but is Auto Detect mechanism of the Outlook.

Outlook looks up the Active Directory object for the user who is logged in, then extracts the primary SMTP address. Outlook performs this AD lookup using its own process not autodiscover.

Are the Domain1 and Domain2 in the same organization? When the user is in domain1, which domain does the user login into?


Allen Song
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