How to reset stand alone Outlook 2010 so no account/setting - back to defaults

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I have and issue where the original account using " outlook.pst" was delete and any additional accounts create I could never get them pointed back to " outlook.pst" so there were not multiple account folders and the client has to look multiple places for their inbox/send/....

I had uninstalled outlook several times, with the outlook folders (roaming, etc...) and removed registry that contained the account information. All to noavail thinking that outlook would reinstall.

At this point If I can figure out set the client backup to what would be if outlook would have never been used on the client, then I can recover the pst data, and re-setup the accounts. I have looked for a startup switch, could not find one. Just need a little help.



Turns out in windows 7 if you go into the control panel, and mail, then delete the existing profile, that did the magic.

You can also try to add the account in a new Outlook profile.

Here are the detailed steps on how to create a new profile to test this issue


1. Exit Outlook .

2. Go to Start > Control Panel , click or double-click Mail .

Thanks, Mike