Missing options in OWA Premium 2007 for some users

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I work in a secondary school with over 1000 students and I have all users on OWA Premium. Some users are missing some of the options in the Options menu. More importantly the email signature options which I need to get restored, but menus are also missing like Rules, Email Security, Junk Email, Change Password etc. the list goes on! I think what happened is I previously forced the lite version of OWA for pupils via Shell but have since reverted it back but it seems to have not restored back the Options available within premium. I also tested the versions of OWA with my own account so I also have missing items.

All newly created email accounts are fine, just ones previously on lite.

This is what I have done to try to correct:

I've checked the segmentation options in Exchange and everything is enabled.

I've deleted the owa virtual directory, and created a new one.

Converted back and forth to Premium and Lite
Ran: Set-OWAVirtualDirectory -Identity "server\owa (default web site)" - SignaturesEnabled $True. Followed by an IISreset.

Ran: Set-CASMailbox <user> -OWASignaturesEnabled:$true

I don't really want to have to delete mailboxes and create them again, as I imagine this will fix it but is a lot of work.

Please can anyone help?

Many thanks

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