Email history removed from outlook and returned to web-based mail

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Dawn Starostka

I upgraded to office 2010 about 6 weeks ago. It was easy to set up Outlook with my mail server and I thought I was good to go. Because my old computer had crashed, I had to manually move some old email messages from the .pst file to the folders I wanted within the inbox, but I got it going.

The way I had it set up was my inbox was new mail and then I had folders for all of my clients and if I needed to keep the email, after I'd addressed it, I moved it to that folder.

Suddenly a few days ago, all of those folders are empty! I panicked. I often go back a year to review messages when we get started with that clients event again - to not have that history is horrible. However, I logged on to the web-based mail (I use for that) and found that somehow all of that history had moved to the web-based mail.

I don't want it online. I want outlook to pull new messages off of the web-based mail, let me deal with them and then move them to the appropriate folder. WHY would it suddenly do this and how do I get it back to pulling off outlook and deleting them on line? I have tried looking and can't find anything. I wonder if it has anything to do with the "send and receive groups" but I haven't messed with anything there.

Thank you for easy to follow instructions... I'm not a technical person.



Harry Yuan


Your PST file folder Inbox is saved to the local folder. You can open it by File> Open> Open Outlook Data File.

I recommend you not import your email message.

Best Regards,

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