Outlook 2007 Slow Since Office 2010 Installed

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I'm running Office 2010 Home edition, and OL 2007 on a Vista PC with 4 Gb of RAM and tons of diskspace. About the time I upgraded most of my Office programs to 2010, OL 2007 began running much slower, especially going from folder to folder, eg InBox to Sent etc. It also is very slow coming back from IE 8 after clicking on a link within an email.

Additionally, there are times when it does not shut down (even if I've closed it) thus not allowing the PC to shutdown until OL 2007 is manually shutdown.

Also, there are times when there are two Outlook.exe processes running.

I also have Live Essentials installed.

By the way, I'm posting here because my problems seem to be similar but not exactly the same as others. My .pst file is about 5 Gb.


Don S.

Sally Tang


End the outlook.exe processes from the Windows Task Manager window.

Then, start Outlook in safe mode by running this command: outlook.exe /safe

Is it quicker?

If it is quicker, it might be related to some add-ins. We may try to disable them.

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Sally Tang
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