Upgraded to Outlook 2010, now contacts have problems displaying and other issues.

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I upgraded my wife's Sony Vaio laptop from Office 2007 to Office 2010. Since the upgrade, the contact list is blank. There is a strip at the top that is like a progress bar that continually scrolls. This is when it is Phone view. If I click on List view, then Business Card view, then Contacts view and then back to Phone view, the contacts show up, however they are not alphabetized. If I make any changes at all to the contacts, for example ascending or descending, the progress bar comes back and the process starts all over again. At first I thought that the contacts just had to index, but after running all night the silly thing was still scrolling the progress bar and no contacts. I am also bothered by the fact that when they do show up, they are not in alphabetically order.

I had read on another forum that a guy had success with this problem by uninstalling 2010 and the uninstall 2007 and reinstall 2010. I did this and no change. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Roady [MVP]

This is of course not normal behavior. The most likely causes for this issue is that the pst-file needs repairing and/or your views need to be reset.

To check your pst-file for errors use scanpst.exe;

To reset your views, start Outlook with the cleanviews switch;
Start-> type; outlook.exe /cleanviews
(note the space in the command)

Russ Valentine

In addidtion to Roady's suggestions, it would also be wise to tell us how you migrated your data from the old version to the new. Outlook does not support an in place upgrade with local data files so you must create a new Outlook profile immediately and connect it properly to your previous data file.Russ Valentine

Ezil Vinoth

Try the steps below and verify the status

1. Export only contacts in CSV format from Outlook.

2. Create a new profile and import the contacts and verify the issue.
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