Outlook 2007 "cannot open your default email folders.microsoft exchange is not available" on XP is n

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We are running XP sp3 and windows 7 clients and outlook running over it.

We are able to configure the outlook client in Windows 7 and working fine.(It runs over site to site VPN)

But the same thing is not working on XP sp3 and it throwing error" cannot open your default email folders.microsoft exchange is not available" while finishing outlook.(same environment in site to site vpn)

Please help its very very urgent!!

Experts please exchange!!!!



Issue with Outlook 2007/2003 in XP which was not working and throwing error

“Cannot open your default email folders. MicrosoftExchage is not available. Either there are network problems or Exchangecomputer is down for maintainance”

Successful workaround;

start > run > REGEDIT



create new folder called Parameters

create new dword called MaxTokenSize

value 35535 decimal (should appear as 0000ffff)
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