Outlook 2007 can only send/receive when computer is in safe mode

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Outlook 2007 cannot send/receive (error code 0x8004210A and 0x8004210B) when the computer is in normal mode even when Outlook is started in safe mode (any option). However everything is fine when the computer is booted in safe mode with networking.

Also if I Test Account Settings from within Outlook (tools-->Account) it always fails. But if Outlook is closed and if I do the same Test Account Settings through Control Panel-->Mail-->Email Accounts, everything is fine.

It started last Thursday 12/16 (everything was fine before) and I read the posts about KB2412171. I had downloaded the update and have unistalled it now. I also tried the various ideas in the posts but nothing helped. The timing is very suspiscious but the signature is a bit different.

I have 2 accounts on this computer and each has its own setup but both have the same issue.

I have Trend-Micro anti-virus. I tried to disable it, but it doesn't help.

Any idea? Please!

Francine Otterson


There can be multiple issues that can be the cause so I went ahead and provided the link for you to review.


Hopefully this will help you

Happy Holidays

Francine Otterson Owner/Chief Technologist Service Desk West

Francine Otterson

You are welcome and Happy HolidaysFrancine Otterson Owner/Chief Technologist Service Desk West
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