Outlook won't send email.

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This is so odd. I have Windows 7 64bit ultimate, Office 2010.Enterprise, I will make an email, have the address, and click send. It never leaves the outbox. I'll click on it in the outbox and the email address is there. But it won't send.

If I move it from the outbox to the inbox or delete or draft, it will not show an email address in the preview, yet when I open it, there is there address. I delete and re-enter the email and send and it goes.

I notice there is sometimes ' ' on either side of the email address. Not there when I enter it.

This was really a problem when I did a mail merge and none would go out and I had to re-do over a hundred email in the bcc since the mail merge didn't work.

What is going on?

Thanks for your help, it is driving me crazy!

Russ Valentine

You haven't really provided any information that would permit anyone to help. The minimum you would need to provide is mail account type, how the message is created, how the recipient is stored and selected, precisely what happens, whether this installation of Outlook ever worked and if so what steps ocurred before it stopped. If you are using any antivirus email scanning or other add-ins specify them.

Russ Valentine

Somasundaram Pandiaraj

You may want to refer to the article KB 813514 for basic send/receive troubleshooting in Outlook.
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